List of Shows

July 10 – August 25
Three paintings in the 59th Annual Gadsden Art Association Juried Art Show, Gadsden Museum of Art

July 12 – August 19
Three paintings in the 58th  Annual Gadsden Art Association Juried Art Show, Gadsden Museum of Art

June 26
Live Art at 2nd Annual Microwave Dave Day
Fender Bender

June 10
Live Art Mural at Lowe Mill
March 9 – May 7
Drunken Monkey, Recycled Art Show, third floor east gallery,
Lowe Mill, Huntsville, Alabama

February 3
Chinese New Year Live Art Collaboration, with Jim Congdon and friends,  Flying Monkey Theatre at Lowe Mill,
Huntsville, Alabama

December 21
Solstice Live Art Collaboration, with Tom Varnon and Anna Sue Courtney, Flying Monkey Theatre at Lowe Mill,
Huntsville, Alabama

August 16 -November 16
Collective Brushstrokes, group show  at A Cup of Everything Gallery,
Huntsville, Alabama
July 7 – August 22

July. – August
Three paintings in the 57th  Annual Gadsden Art Association Juried Art Show, Gadsden Museum of Art

June – July
Artists Support Group Open Door
Heritage Hall Museum, Talladega, Alabama

December 6
Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment Pop Up Art Show
Old Mason Building

November 7 – January 4, Collaboration is the New Ish a show of collaborative works. A live art performance with The Uncle Flymo EIEIO Band also performance by Anna Sue Courtney.

October 4
Spontaneous Combustion, Live Art Collaboration Show, music by the Snake Doctors. Sponsored by Chuck Mathews and Tom Varnon

September 19
Home Town Throwdown, Live Art, Music by Hobo Incognito
Chuck Mathews, Tom Varnon

September 5
Live Art Collaboration with Peggy Dempsey,Tom Varnon, Sharon Singletry, David Wencil, Uncle Flymos, Lowe Mill

August 29
Created painting for The Battle of the Artists, Lowe Mill

August 2
Home Town Throwdown, Live Art Collaboration with Tom Varnon, Peggy Dempsey, Sharon Singletry, Flying Monkey Theatre, Lowe Mill

July 18
Collaboration with Tom Varnon, Uncle Flymo, Lowe Mill

July 13 – August 25
Three paintings in the 56th Annual Gadsden Art Association Juried Art Show, Gadsden Museum of Art

June 28th
Live Art collaboration with Tom Varnon, Straight to Ale Home Brewed Concert, Straight to Ale

April 5
Live art collaboration with Charlie Mathews, Rob Minor, Jim Congdon, Chloe, Uncle Flymos, Lowe Mill

January 31
Year of The Horse, Live art collaboration with Jennifer Taylor, Jim Congdon, Uncle Flymo, Lowe Mill

December 21
Solstice Painting, Collaboration with Kristy Brown, Uncle Flymos

December 7
Group Show, Lowe Mill’s Pop Up Art Show, Old Crossroads, Huntsville
Popup Art Show

July 8 – August 24
Three paintings in the 55th Annual Gadsden Art Association Juried Art Show, Gadsden Museum of Art

January – March
One man show, Lowe Mill, Huntsville, Alabama

Displayed works at Crossroads Music Hall, Huntsville.
Work included in museum scene for the film Constellation
January – March: Orange Alert, Alabama State Council for the Arts, Alabama Artists Gallery, Montgomery

December: Installation at The Flying Monkey Solstice Festival with Joey Norwood, Lowe Mill, Huntsville
September 18, 2004 :Monte Sano Art Show, Huntsville.
September 11-October 24: Orange Alert, Space 301, Mobile.
May: “Something Positive” group show at Flying Monkey Arts Center, Huntsville

December: Three Generations three man show, Jack Dempsey, Charlie Mathews, and Chuck Mathews at Lowe Mill
September: Display work at the Monte Sano Art Show, Huntsville
June: “The Bubble” part of a summer solstice celebration at Lowe Mill, Huntsville,
June: “The Bubble” Open Mic Night Lowe Mill
May: Drawing in Arts Alive 2003 Florence, Alabama
May: “The Bubble”. Lee High School Senior Banquet, Huntsville
April: “The Bubble” multimedia installation piece in collaboration with Jack Dempsey at the Limestone Dust Poetry Festival, Huntsville.

October: Work in Amuse Gallery, Five Points, Huntsville, Alabama.
February: UAH Alumni show 6 paintings and photographs.

Huntsville Museum of Art: Group show of Educators who traveled to Turkey
Submitted Video “Images of Turkey”

June to July: Fulbright Scholarship to spend 6 weeks in Turkey studying life and culture

1997 May: Joint show with Teresa Kirkpatrick at A&M Gallery 6 paintings.
December: Group Show at McCormick House

January to April: four mixed media paintings, Graduate School Painting Exhibition, Alabama A&M art office, Normal, Alabama

June: participated in a month long exhibition at Huntsville Mayor’s office, Huntsville, Alabama
April 21-27: HAL Artist of the Week. Installation piece made from Canon color copy machine, Huntsville, Alabama

October 15 – November 19: Exhibition South, 1989, one mixed media work, a regional exhibition sponsored by the Tennessee Valley Art Center in Tuscumbia, Alabama
September 1-15: Art in Space, one mixed media work, a group show of Huntsville Art League members, held at the HAL Gallery in Huntsville
May 12-14: The Arch, a multi-media installation constructed at Panoply 89, the arch was a group project which included Alan Davis and Keith Berg, and was funded by Panoply.

March 15 – April 23: Chuck Mathews Mixed Media Works, 25 mixed media works completed between 1984 – 1988, curated by Alan Davis, Gallery Director, University of Alabama in Huntsville, UAH University Center Gallery

August: Red Clay Survey II, 6 photographic works, group photography exhibition held at the University of Alabama, curated by the Huntsville Museum of Art and UAH
April: New Photographics 87, 4 polaroid-derived mixed media works, a national juried show sponsored by Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington
April 5, Sunday Salon, 12 polaroid-derived works, a group show sponsored by Huntsville Art League and Museum Association, Huntsville, Alabama
March: HALMA 14, 2 Polaroid-derived works, a regional juried exhibition, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama

July: Southeastern Photographers, 6 manipulated Polaroid photographs, a regional group exhibition, The Atchision Gallery, Birmingham, Alabama
May: HALMA Sunday Salon Retrospective, 1 mixed media photograph, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama
March-April: HALMA 12, two manipulated photographs, regional juried shows, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama
February-March: One-man show at Randolph School, photographs and mixed works, Huntsville, Alabama
January: One-man show at The Kaffeeklatsch, photographs and mixed media works, Huntsville, Alabama

November – December: 60th Shreveport Art Guild National Exhibition, 2 manipulated Polaroid photographs, a national juried exhibition, Meadows Museum of Art, Shreveport, Louisiana
November: The Annual Show, one manipulated Polaroid photograph, a national juried exhibition sponsored by the Maine Photographers Association. Show was held at the Ledel Gallery in New York City
October: Sunday Salon, photographs and mixed media works, group show at HALMA Studio, Huntsville,
July: Photography 18, 2 manipulated Polaroids, won merit award, a national juried exhibition, Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, Pennsylvania State University

September: UAH Alumni Show, 2 mixed media pieces, UAH Church Gallery, Huntsville, Alabama
June: HALMA 10, 1 mixed media piece, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama

June: HALMA 8, mixed media work, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama

May: HALMA 7, mixed media work, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama

1979 May-June: Birmingham Art Association Juried Show, 1 watercolor, Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama
April 8-27: Seventh Annual Southeastern Competition, mixed media, National City Bank, Rome, Georgia
January 26 – February 25: HALMA 6, 1 watercolor, and 1 linoleum print, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama
Artist-in-residence for the Artists’ Gallery, Huntsville, Alabama

June: Commissioned to sculpt a bronze memorial plaque for the Holly family, Pulaski, Tennessee
April: illustrated the short story “A Genuine Gift ” by David McFarland, Huntsville, Alabama
February: commissioned to paint a mural for the Artists’ Gallery, Huntsville, Alabama January: How Many Ways To Paint And Draw, mixed media, UAH Gallery of Art, Huntsville, Alabama

November: One-man show at the Artists’ Gallery, paintings and sculptures, Huntsville, Alabama
October: commissioned to illustrate History of a Man in Despair, a short story written by H.E. Francis, Huntsville, Alabama

February: Mid-South Biennial, cast aluminum sculpture, regional juried show, Memphis Museum of Art, Memphis, Tennessee

November: First Annual L. Miller & Son Sculpture Competition, sculpture, 2nd place award, the Mall, Huntsville, Alabama (in stalled on site at L. Millers & Son)
November: Alabama Art League 45th Annual Show, 1 painting, Montgomery Museum of Art, Montgomery,
July: 1st Annual Student Juried Exhibition, 1 drawing, UAH gallery, Huntsville, Alabama
April: Central South Juried Exhibition, 1 sculpture, 1 drawing, regional juried show, The Parthenon, Nashville, Tennessee

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